How to Clean and Maintain Your Foosball Table

Keeping your foosball table spotless and kept up is imperative to securing your speculation and playing a decent, quick paced game. Earth, trash, torpedo checks and spilled beverages are a foosball table’s most exceedingly awful bad dream. Foosball Soccer suggests cleaning your table once per week during substantial use and no less than consistently during low to direct use. Also, we prescribe having side tables for players to set their beverages on to decrease spills to help keep your table clean.

A great deal of tables have napkins on the edges of the table, however these won’t counteract a can or glass from spilling. Foosball tables can with little of a stretch move during game play or balls can take off the table and spill your beverages.

How Often Should Your Clean Your Foosball Table?
This truly relies upon how frequently you are playing foosball. If you’re not using it that frequently, at that point once a month ought to keep it filling in as planned. If you are an increasingly visit fooser, at that point once seven days is a decent cleaning and upkeep plan for your table. Remember that if you have an outside table that you will probably need to clean it all the more frequently.

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You can decrease the cleaning by using a table spread when nobody is playing the game. The initial step to support your table is to ensure that you clean the table with an off, dry material to expel any of the free earth and garbage from the foosball table. Next, put a light measure of scouring liquor on the fabric and wipe the foosball table top surface down. The liquor won’t hurt your table surface and it will dissipate rapidly whenever used sparingly. You may need to apply various covers on difficult dark stains.

After your table top surface is spotless, take a different fabric or cotton cloth and apply a limited quantity of foosball silicone to the poles of your table. This will keep the poles kept up and smooth for the best table activity. Try not to use WD-40 on your poles! This will make your bars smooth and move quicker for a brief timeframe however will dry out your guards and heading and make your table wear out quicker after some time.

Foosball Table Surface Cleaning Tips
Keeping your table playing surface free of residue and garbage is the main thing you do regarding ordinary support for the table. This is as straightforward as cleaning it down with a spotless material.


For corners, you can use a jar of packed air to expel dust development. On the off chance that there are some filthy spots, at that point you can apply a touch of scouring liquor to a perfect material to evacuate it.

Foosball Rods Cleaning Tips
You can keep the poles and men clean by consistently cleaning down the surface with a perfect material. For the handles and the men, you can use a limited quantity of scouring liquor to clean them. You can even clean the balls with the scouring liquor and a spotless fabric.

One of the most significant things that you’ll have to do is perfect the bars by greasing up them with silicone. It is a modest and simple procedure that will extraordinary expand the life of your foosball table repair and improve your games.

Foosball Table Maintenance Tips:

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Keep In A Cool, Dry Area
Ensure that you don’t situate your table by a window where the daylight can hit it during the table. The sun presentation can really harm the table by blurring the bureau and surface, among other harm.

Moving Your Table
To keep the table from moving during game play, place some enemy of slip cushions on the legs. This is particularly significant for floors that are not covered. Why? Because when the table moves during game play, it’s normal for one individual to drag it over into spot as opposed to having two individuals lifting it once more into the right spot. What’s more, hostile to slip cushions keep that from being an issue.

How’s The Alignment?
It probably won’t be something that you consider, yet the men on the bars should be adjusted appropriately for good game play. This is particularly valid in the event that you are a harsh player, or on the off chance that you simply play a great deal.

Thus, set aside the effort to routinely assess the men on the bars and check whether they are adjusted or in the event that you have to re-adjust them. Doing this can help avoid the breaking and chipping of the men.

No Food Or Drinks
Decrease the odds of spills or morsels on the table by not enabling anybody to bring beverages or nourishment close the table. Without a doubt, there is space on the corners for your beverage, yet those beverages can undoubtedly get knocked off during warmed game play. In this way, help yourself out and simply maintain a strategic distance from beverages and bites close to the table. can give you more Information about a Foosball Table 🙂

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